I’m a PhD candidate in philosophy working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and creativity at Humboldt University and Princeton University PU in the Princeton-Humboldt Exchange Program


My PhD explores how our concept of creativity has to be rethought in light of the increasing role of technology in creative practice, thereby enriching the concept to include the idea of collective creativity produced by a union of humans and machines with AI. Collective creativity arises from collective practices of people in relation to their nature, environment, cultures, societies, techniques, technologies, computers, and machines with AI. By expanding our concept of creativity we are able to acknowledge products of a union of humans and AI as co-creations.


Previously, I completed my MA in Philosophy at the Humboldt University Berlin HU , with an exchange year at the University of New South Wales in Sydney UNSW, and completed my BA at Humboldt University Berlin.


My primary research interests are in the philosophy of Artificial Intelligence and Creativity, philosophy of mind, philosophy of emerging technology, such as Generative AI.


You can reach me at and and



Alsterchaussee 30

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+49 40 414130


Martha Kunicki (CEO)

Richard Kunicki (CFO)


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